Residential Services

Pyramid Pools specializes in swimming pool remodeling all across South Florida. We can transform your swimming pool, and give it a more modern look. We have over several years of experience remodeling pools, and we take pride in our work. We’ll listen to your expectations, and work hard to meet or exceed them. We strive to be the best pool remodeling company in South Florida.


Commercial Services

Pyramid Pools provides a full line of commercial swimming pool service and maintenance options in Florida. We’re happy to take on any project, big or small. Here are some of the commercial pool services we offer:

  • Clean debris from gutter
  • Clean tile with brush and soap
  • Clean mold from coping when necessary
  • Vacuum pool and/or spa floor(s)
  • Brush walls and steps
  • Scoop out leaves and floating debris
  • Clean pool pump strainer basket
  • Clean main pool filter(s) when necessary
  • Leave notice of service when completed
  • Monitor & correct euipment operation
  • Test chemicals with DPD yest kit
  • Adjust chlorine level
  • Adjust pH level
  • Adjust total alkalinity level
  • Adjust calcium hardness level
  • Adjust stabilizer level
  • Fill chlorine and acid crocks
  • Adjust chemical feeders as necessary