Pool Sun Shelf


This pool feature was once exclusive to high-end hotels and resorts, but now a Sunshelf allows you to enjoy the luxurious resort feel in your backyard.  This is designed as a flat, shallow area in your pool, before the deep end that allows the space to relax on a lounge chair, get your feet wet or tan in your private paradise. A sun shelf is sometimes referred to as a Sun Ledge, tanning shelf or even a tanning ledge. However you put it, the feel just adds relaxing luxury.

If you are considering a swimming pool remodel, the addition of a sun shelf is a smart touch of luxury that can be designed into just about any pool with a variety of sizes and shapes to complement the look and feel.


Different Ledges to Fit Your Style

Considering a pool remodel? Adding a sun shelf can be a great addition that will give your pool a more upscale and luxurious feel and be very functional, too. This shallow area creates a lounge space for tanning or a safe play area to sit with children without entering the deep swimming area. Because a sun shelf is perfect for just about any pool design and can be designed to fit a variety of sizes and shapes, it is an ideal upgrade to any swimming pool. Working with our team here at Pyramid Pools, remodeling and designing a sun shelf into your existing swimming pool design is quick and easy. A sun shelf has the potential to take your pool from a “pool” to an “Oasis” giving you one of the best bangs for your buck.